Building Your Brand.

Clamshell Studios provides a number of affordable corporate identity services. With our marketing and design experience, Clamshell Studios can help turn your ideas into reality and generate the results you’re looking for, always on-time and on-budget.

Logo Design

We offer several logo design packages designed to fit your budget. With exclusive license design starting at just $75, Clamshell Studios can provide you with a logo that will make your company or brand stand out from the competition.


Clamshell Studios can design a polished newsletter (both printed media or digital suitable for email) that fits your company’s brand, specifications and requirements. In addition, we provide layout and delivery services, which will allow you to free up valuable time and resources.


Clamshell Studios can deliver high-impact advertisements suitable for printed media (newspaper, magazine) or digital delivery. We have been working with publishers for over 15 years and understand industry specifications, practices and requirements.

Delivery Methods

Clamshell Studios delivers your materials digitally via a client download through its website. Multiple file types are provided in the most popular formats to ensure compatibility. All products are provided in high-resolution, 300-600 dpi images. Source files are provided. For a nominal fee, Clamshell Studios can mail finished materials on a CD or DVD-ROM.

Design Services

  • Logo Design
  • Stationery (letterhead and envelopes)
  • Business Cards
  • Newsletters (digital and printed media)
  • Flyers, Brochures and Postcards
  • CD and DVD Label and Cover
  • Packaging
  • Advertisements (digital and printed media)
  • Custom Solutions
  • And more!

Logo Design Price Table



2 Full Color Design Concepts
Unlimited Alterations to Chosen Design Concept
Source Artwork, 300 DPI Version Suitable for Printing, 72 DPI Version Suitable for Web, Social Media


3 Full Color Design Concepts
Unlimited Alterations to Chosen Design Concept
Source Artwork, 300 DPI Version Suitable for Printing, 72 DPI Version Suitable for Web, Social Media

Frequently-Asked Questions

How Does the Logo Design Process Work?

We provide clients with a brief survey to determine a direction to take with their logo design. Once we have an idea of a design in mind, we will provide a design concept. This is a fully-functional logo and the first stage of the design process. We then turn to the client to see if they agree to the concept. If only minor changes need to be made, the concept is complete and we move onto alterations. If the concept doesn't agree with the client's vision of the logo, we develop a new concept and, depending on the package, possibly a third.

Where Can I Use My Logo?

Anywhere! We provide clients with multiple versions of the finished logo suitable for print, web, even video! Copyright of the logo is transferred to our clients; they own the full rights of the logo. All we ask is that clients allow us to use their logo in our portfolio for demonstration purposes only.

What If I Need To Make a Change at a Later Date?

No problem! All client logos are kept on file, and changes can be made to a completed logo at any time.

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