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Our unique website maintenance agreements allow you to pay for maintenance at a minute fraction of what our competitors charge. With plans starting at just $75 per year, you are provided with monthly allotment of maintenance. Like most cell phone plans, your time can be “banked” and carry over to subsequent months, meaning you can save for major site revisions or additions.

Why Choose a Maintenance Plan?

Like a warranty on a new car, our maintenance plans are offered to protect you should you require changes to your website. When you need work performed on your website, having a maintenance plan is less expensive than not having one at all.

How Do I Save Money With a Maintenance Plan?

Clamshell Studios normally charges $40/hour for maintenance, billable in 15-minute increments. By simply having a maintenance plan, you can reduce your cost to $12.50 or less per hour.

What Happens To My Unused Time?

Unused time may be “banked” and automatically rolls over to subsequent months and, depending on your plan, future years. This allows you to save your time for major website revisions, even a complete redesign!

What If I Run Out of Time?

You are permitted to “borrow” time from future months of the same year if your current annual plan is paid in full. In addition, clients who have a current maintenance plan pay only half of Clamshell Studios’ usual hourly rate for maintenance.

What Can You Do With Maintenance Hours

A maintenance plan protects the investment of your website. After the initial design, the time may come when you require changes to the website. These changes can include: website content (textual) changes, shifting or moving of content, the creation of new pages and content, banner ad creation, the addition of photo galleries and other widgets and site redesign.

Maintenance Price Table



.5 Hours Maintenance/Month
Unused Time Rolls Over to Following Months, But Not Subsequent Years


.5 Hours Maintenance/Month
Unused time rolls over to following months. Up to two (2) hours of unused time may roll-over to subsequent years with annual contract renewal.
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