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Reputation management has become very popular these days, for good reason. When websites that rank higher than yours include scathing reviews or comments about your company, this becomes the first impression a potential customer gets when looking for your website. Keeping your search rank high and pushing down -- or better yet -- resolving issues that shed a negative light on your business have become very important.

Why is Reputation Management Important?

Reputation is, as they say, everything. If your company is showing a negative reputation in search results, a potential customer's mind as to whether or not to purchase your goods or services will be made up before they even visit your website. It doesn't matter how well-designed or how attractive your website is; websites outranking yours, however unprofessional they may be, are working against you. Even if the information pertaining to your company is false, it will harm your online reputation. The fact that it exists somewhere, out there, lends credence to the words spoken against your company.

How Clamshell Studios Can Help

Clamshell Studios can perform a Reputation Assessment for your company and recommend a course of action based on your given circumstances. Clamshell Studios also makes certain tools, such as World Class Agent, available to subscribers to help assist in reputation management and conflict resolution.

How To Fight a Harmful Online Reputation

Resolve the Conflict Amicably Recommended

Reach out to the reviewer, customer or person negatively impacting your reputation and see if you can appease them. Be prepared to take a monetary hit - reimburse them, offer them special coupons or discounts and genuinely try to make up for their bad experience. In return, convince them to remove their comments from the offending website or, if they refuse, reach out to the website owner and ask that the information be stricken due to the fact the conflict was resolved. At the very least, provide your side of the story.

Go Up the Chain of Command

Contact the website owner where the information pertaining to your company appears and ask that the information be removed due to its inflammatory or libel nature. Threaten to have your attorney contact them if they are unable or unwilling to remove the offending material, then follow through. At the very least, ask that they provide your side of the story.

Outrank 'em

And this is why Search Engine Optimization is so important. The reason the information appearing in search results is harming your company may be due to the fact that your search engine optimization is failing you or you have failed to follow the best course of action promoting your company. Website promotion is a multi-pronged approach and there are numerous ways to increase your presence in the pageranking.

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

You can't please all the people all the time. Be honest when representing your customer satisfaction and accept the mild bruises. At the same time, go out of your way to thank those who review you highly. If a review is posted on a forum or in a website's comments section, be sure to join and reply to each and every review, good or bad.

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