We Understand Travel Agents.

Clamshell Studios built its business on the interests of travel agents. Over the years, we have worked and partnered with numerous host agencies, travel suppliers and travel aggregators to provide specialized services and features unique to travel.

Website Design

Clamshell Studios understands the needs and requirements of travel agents as well as industry-imposed specifications. We have been building websites for travel agents for nearly ten years and can work with you, your host agency and suppliers to create and embed content needed to rn your travel business.

Developed Technologies


AgentSprocket is a suite of tools created by Clamshell Studios specifically for travel agents to handle the connectivity between their travel clients and their website. It offers several features and automation tasks:

  • • Online quote collection and insertion of prospect into database;
  • • Destination directory, weather, travel alert and contact information integration into toolset;
  • • Travel itinerary creation;
  • • Travel ad management

Clamshell Studios developed World Class Agent to provide a review and reputation management platform for travel agents. With built-in conflict resolution and management, a customizable review and rating task manager, the ability to autogenerate emails to clients and more, World Class Agent helps build you agency's online reputation in no time flat!
Works with AgentSprocket


GlobeSweep is a travel agency referral service designed to increase website relavance, promote traffic and increase your website's reputation. It allows travel agents to maintain a profile away from and drive traffic to their website via a local advertising model.
Works with AgentSprocket Works with World Class Agent

Are You a Member of a Host Agency?

Be sure to ask if your host agency is a Clamshell Studios affiliate. We offer deep discounts on web design and services to participating host agencies and have designed specialized website templates that promote travel agent services. Agents of participating host agencies also receive free or discounted hosting, maintenance and add-on subscriptions like AgentSprocket, World Class Agent and Globesweep.

Clamshell Studios LLC

Clamshell Studios LLC is a widely-recognized, award-winning website engineering company and a leader in small business development. We work with a diverse array of clients including foodservice, corporate and retail. We specialize in providing travel technology services to travel agencies and have created several state-of-the-art platforms for the delivery of travel-related services, news, information and advertising.

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