Modern, Affordable Web Design.

All of our websites are built using modern web design practices, including the use of HTML 5 and CSS3, and are standards-compliant. Responsive, mobile-first design services are available for clients wishing to take advantage of the mobile web. The latest search engine optimization methods, included in all of our website design packages, are implemented as your website is constructed from the ground up. Each design is tested in all standard web browsers in order to ensure maximum compatibility and is checked to ensure W3C standards compliance.

Fresh Design, Guaranteed

All of our beautiful website designs are created by hand, from scratch based upon each client's specifications, needs and interests. None of our designs are “canned” or made from templates, which guarantees that your site will look and always remain unique.

Maintenance Plans

All of our website packages come bundled with maintenance plans, which removes the burden of website updates, design changes, page additions, etc. from our clients.

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Website Hosting

Why pay more? Our feature-rich hosting packages start at just $2.99 per month and include generous space and bandwidth limits.

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Specialized Web Design Services

Clamshell Studios is equipped to handle anything from simple, static websites to database-driven, custom sites requiring a tremendous amount of complexity. Our engineers are certified or have experience using a wide array of web technologies, including DHTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Javascript and VBScript. We can assist with:

  • Static pages (HTML)
  • Dynamic, database-driven pages
  • Content management systems (Joomla, etc.)
  • Online forums
  • Blogs (Wordpress, etc.)
  • Flash applications
  • Store pages, shopping carts and checkout systems
  • Merchant services and Paypal integration
  • And more!

Clamshell Studios developed SitePiston, an all-in-one website management suite, to handle the automation of tasks for client websites. Using SitePiston, clients can create forms for their websites, manage a database of website users, email, add chat capabilities to their website and more.

Website Packages

All website packages are comprehensive and include domain name registration, website hosting and maintenance for the first year.



Full Site Design
1-4 Pages
1 Contact Form
Free, Basic Hosting Plan for 1 year - $36 value!
Free, Basic Maintenance Plan for 1 year - $75 value!


Full Site Design
Up to 20 Pages
Unlimited Contact Forms
Free, Pro Hosting Plan for 1 year - $83 value!
Free, Pro Maintenance Plan for 1 year - $125 value!

Frequently-Asked Questions

What is my total cost?

The total cost is listed in the pricing table, above. There are no hidden fees and no up-sells.

Am I locked into a contract?

Just pay the package price (usually split into multiple payments) and we will invoice you on the anniversary date of your purchase for the next year's hosting and maintenance. You can cancel your hosting and/or maintenance at any time and even move your website files* to another hosting server. Some limitations on file transfer, such as licensed images, may apply.

How much do I pay after the first year?

You only pay for hosting and maintenance after the first year. The total cost depends on the package you select, but hosting and maintenance starts at only $110.88 per year. For a full schedule of hosting costs, click here. To learn more about maintenance plans, click here.

Clamshell Studios LLC

Clamshell Studios LLC is a widely-recognized, award-winning website engineering company and a leader in small business development. We work with a diverse array of clients including foodservice, corporate and retail. We specialize in providing travel technology services to travel agencies and have created several state-of-the-art platforms for the delivery of travel-related services, news, information and advertising.

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